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From Marizon to Nishijin – 1 day at Sazae-san Street

Marizon is a very beautiful place, but do you want to spend here a whole day? So how about exploring Sazae-san Street, too? Between Marizon and Nishijin Station you can find very interesting places along the 2 km long route. Come and let’s have a little stroll around Sazae-san Street!
But first, why this street has such a unusual name? It is said, that while Machiko Hasegawa, author of the manga and anime “Sazae san”, was in this area, the idea for the series was born, and in honor of this the street was named Sazae-san Dori. Along this street you can find several signs linked to Sazae-san.



Marizon is an artificial island where you can find shops, restaurants and a beautifully romantic wedding hall and the port is connected to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park. You can also make a tour around Hakata Bay. Right next to it you can find Momochi Seaside Park which is a beautiful beach.It’s popular for swimming and sports like soccer or volleyball. Marizon and the beach are very popular among young couples because from the beach you can see an amazing sunset. There are also several parties taking place in summer. And it is one end of Sazae-san Street.

Opening hours, closed days: 10:00 – 23:00 (shops and restaurants opening hours can vary ), holidays: 3rdWednesday every month from Jan to Mar.

Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka Tower is one of the symbols of the city and it is said to be the highest sea side tower in Japan. From the observation deck you have a 360° panoramic view from which you can see many different types of scenery at the same time.

Opening hours and fees: 9.30-22:00, no closing day, 800 JPY


Fukuoka City Museum

Because of Fukuoka’s geographical position near Eurasia and the Korean Peninsula it came first in contact with foreign cultures. And so its history was influenced by these encounters. The Fukuoka City Museum devotes its permanent exhibition to the lively history of Fukuoka and the folk culture in this area from ancient times to present. The other two exhibition rooms are changing their exhibitions every two months. These exhibitions have various themes. There is also an area where visitors can explore many different attractions by themselves.

Opening hours, closed days, fees:
9:30 – 17:30 (last admission 17:00), closed on Mon (if Mon. is a holiday the next day will be closed), New Year Holidays Dec. 28. – Jan. 4., 200 JPY

Nakanishi Shotenmachi Shopping Street

Nakanishi Shotenmachi is a small urban shopping street with a lot of different shops and restaurants. It is located next to exit 1 of Nishijin Station and at one end of Sazae-san Street. Walking down the street and buying things from the local stores makes you feel like a member of the community. Maybe you will discover some local specialties.

Opening hours, closing days: varies by shop and restaurant

So this is Sazae-san Street. You see this neighborhood has a lot to offer. Hopefully you enjoyed this little introduction and want to come to Fukuoka to see it by yourself.

How to go around:

Hakata Station – Marizon: by bus (306) (Fukuoka Tower Mae station), 20 min, 230 JPY
Tenjin Station – Marizon: by bus (302) (Fukuoka Tower Mae station), 11 min, 230 JPY

Hakata Station – Nishijin Station: Kuko Subway line, 14 min, 260 JPY
Tenjin Station – Nishijin Station: Kuko Subway line, 8 min, 260 JPY



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