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Being stylish in Japan- a brief look at fashion culture and shops guide

When it comes to fashion, Japan can be an overwhelming experience. The first time you enter a department store can be shocking. So many different shops and styles you may have never seen before. To find your way through these fashion paradises can be difficult. This article will give you a first short review of some styles for women.


Source: http://www.uniqlo.com/jp/stylingbook/pc/style/10006459  


The casual style uses mainly basic colors and designs. You will not find much playful decoration on the clothes. So it gives you a sporty and simple look. This style is ideal for everyday activities, like going shopping, having a stroll, or playing with children.

Shop recommendations: UNIQLO, sango, me love.

Daily Kawaii

Source : https://tittyandco.net/brand/tittyandco/item/TIT0118S0237


Daily kawaii means a cute and girly look, which is not over the top, so you can wear it every day. It uses soft colors and light garnets. With these clothes you can get a young and kittenish appearance.

Shop recommendations: LODISPOTTO, titty & Co.



Source: https://www.vivre-shop.jp/tenjin/shop/903


This is for real subculture fashion lovers. It is very colorful with a lot of little details on the clothes. If you don’t like it so colorful, there is also a darker version of this style available. Lolita is more a style for special occasions, like cosplay or Lolita events, but it is very interesting to observe all the different nuances of this particular style.

Shop recommendations: Angelic Pretty, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, ALICE and the PIRATES


Girly for grown ups

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BidZj5znS-D/?taken-by=vg_pi

This style is a little bit like daily kawaii, but with a more grown up touch. You will find darker colors and a less childlike but still cute design. It is not so much playful so you don’t get a kittenish but girly look.

Shop recommendations: Pink Mix, AS KNOWN AS PINKY


Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/BijKJdQjPuM/?taken-by=daturaofficial

If you don’t want to look like a cute girl, you should try the Cool style. You will find a large variation of colors and items. It is not as simple as the casual style but also not so playful like daily kawaii. Wearing these clothes gives you a strong and cool look, without avoiding femininity.

Shop recommendations: Papillonner, SpRay, DaTuRa

Daily elegance

Source : http://www.baybclub-onlinestore.jp/item/11867092/


This is an elegant and feminine style you can wear the whole day and of course in the evening. It is ideal for meeting friends, business, shopping or enjoying cultural activities, like theater or so, and it really gives you a kind of high class feeling. While exploring this style, a lot of beautiful dresses will be waiting for you.

Shop recommendations: cocktail, Bay-B Club

This article introduced just a small selection of styles. It often happens that they merge with each other, so sometimes it can be difficult to categorize brands. Hopefully it gives you an idea of the blooming fashion world in Japan. Certainly you will discover a lot more interesting facts about Japanese fashion while you are exploring all the different shops.
Interested in the recommend shops? You can find them all in the department stores Tenjin Core and Vivre, except UNIQLO, which has its own shops near Tenjin Station.

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