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Affordable Japanese make-up? 5 high quality brands for everyone.

Japanese make-up is considered as a high quality and also less harmful because of ingredients used in it which makes it very attractive. To be honest high quality make-up doesn’t need to be expensive. Here I will introduce some pretty good and affordable Japanese brands.


Canmake is a brand with a cute and girly design. A really adorable point is that mainly consist natural ingredients in their products, which makes them less harmful for your skin. They also sell a very big variation of products, so that everyone can find their favorite items.

Price: 500-1500 yen
Link: http://www.canmake.com/



Daiso is one of the most famous 100Yen stores in Japan. Make-up products have really good quality and and also good reputation.The best thing about it is very cheap price .You can find everything you need and even more. So it is perfect for price conscious people.

Price: 100 yen (+ tax)

Majolica Majorca

Majolica Majorca is a brand launched by Shiseido. It has a romantic design and a good assortment. It is perfect for people with a high expectation , who love high brand make-up and don’t want to spend too much money on that.

Price: 500-2000 yen
Link: https://www.shiseido.co.jp/mj/


Kate is a glamorous brand by Kanebo and its products are pretty good for an elegant and impressive evening make-up. It has a great range of beautiful items. Especially the eye shadows are incredible.

Price: 1000-2000 yen



The products of Cezanne are ideal for daily life. It has a simple design and some of the products can be refilled, which is good for waste management and environment . Cezanne also uses natural ingredients for their face make-up and it also has a skin care line.

Price: 500-1000 yen

Special recommendation: Heroine

Looking for something really cute? Here is Heroine by Isehan. This brand is specialized on eye make-up and has a beautiful Princess as character . Using this brand will make you feel like a real princess.

Price: 1000-2500 yen
Link: https://www.isehan.co.jp/heroine/

There is so much high quality make-up that doesn’t cost much. Of course you will find a lot more brands in a wide range of prices in Japan. So have a stroll through the make-up department and give them a try and maybe you find a new favorite brand.

One last tip: Sometimes you can try make-up from different brands for free and get some useful tips in large department stores or drug stores. This can be a fascinating experience.

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