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What can you get up to with 5,000 yen around the streets of Tenjin?

What can you get up to with 5,000 yen around the streets of Tenjin?

Underground VS Street Level Shopping in Fukuoka! What can you get up to with 5,000 yen around the streets of Tenjin?

We sent one team to explore the underground shopping areas in Fukuoka City, and one to check-out all the best hangouts on street level. We gave them each 5,000 yen spending money and followed them around to see what they got up to! Find-out who had more fun and got the most out of their money! Keita Downes and Ohrim Kwon went to explore the streets of Tenjin to search for bargains!

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If you think shopping on the streets of Daimyo looks fun, make sure to post pic of one of the spots in the area with the #fukuokayokaby#ground tag!

If you like the look of hanging out in the city’s underground shopping arcades, post a pic of one of the spots from the area and tag it with #fukuokayokaby#underground!

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The competition runs until October 31st, so make sure to get involved!

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Located right in the center of Fukuoka, Tenjin is a much loved shopping area. It is also home to a huge underground shopping mall.

We wanted to take in consideration tourists visiting the area who might not want to spend a fortune during their travels, so decided to see if it is possible to enjoy these two areas on a budget! We gave the two teams 5,000 yen and sent them on their way! Let the battle begin!

5,000 yen budget for two

Time to hit the streets!

The ground level team started their journey from Nishitetsu Tenjin Station! But the duo were feeling a little bit peckish, and its not a good idea to embark on a trip if you are feeling hungry! So the team decided to treat themselves to a tasty cake at one of the most well-established chocolate stores in the whole of Fukuoka. The fact that the army can not be done when the hungry is reduced is that at first it was in Fukuoka’s long-established chocolate specialty store

Chocolate Shop

① Chocolate Shop
2-2-43 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

This well-established, authentic European-style shop has a history that can be traced back to 1942. It is known as the place that really helped chocolate in Hakata really take off!

The number one best-selling Hakata pavé cake

Their famous cobblestone-shaped pavé cake consists of five layers of chocolate mouse and sponge. This delicious dessert is noted for its soft, fluffy texture, and authentic chocolate taste. It’s clear why the store is so popular after sampling some their treats. (The small size Hakata pavé cake pictured above costs just 432 yen!)

The team purchased on cake which meant they spent 432 yen inside the store, leaving them with 4,568 yen for the rest of the day!

With a small snack to keep the street level team’s hunger at bay, the duo were feeling energised and ready t head back out.

The next stop on their trip was a popular store that sells jewellery and accessories.

Miss Marine

①Miss Marine
1-12-61, Daimyo, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

This store, which only opened in April earlier this year, has a really cute exterior. There is a beautiful set of wings painted on the outside! Its a great photo opportunity as it helps create the illusion that anyone who stands in front of them have turned into angels! The ground level team made sure to take a quick pic before they left! A photo outside Miss Marine is most definitely Instagram-worthy, don’t you think?

Piercings for customers with metal allergies

The store stocks a huge range of accessories. They also a great selection of piercings that can be worn by people who have a metal allergy. Apparently this kind of jewellery is not so widely sold throughout the world. which means that the store welcomes a huge number of customers from overseas.

Helpful and friendly members of staff on hand to help-out

If there is anything you help with, or anything you need clarifying, feel free to ask the helpful members of staff.

The unique designs are super popular with customers!

They also sell a range of other items, such pouches, purses, and even phone covers. The unique design seen in the images above is said to have gone down particularly well with shoppers!

Being able do a bit of shopping for just over 500 yen shows you how incredibly reasonable the prices are that the store has to offer! It’s a great place to pick-up a gift for a friend or loved one!

The street level team went into the store with 4,568 yen, and spent 530 yen, leaving them with a total of 4,038 yen. 

After a morning full of shopping, it was time to find some lunch! They decided to check-out a restaurant that specialises in beef tongue dishes. The traditional-style Japanese building has a wonderfully warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Grilled beef tongue set meal at Amamoto

③ Amamoto’s Grilled beef tongue set meal
2-2-48 Daimyo, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Grilled beef tongue is a delicacy that does some overseas visitors might not have tried before! If you haven’t tried it before, you are sure to love the chewy, juicy quality of the thick cuts of beef!

A traditional Japanese interior

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is quite different to lively streets of Tenjin that are just outside. The interior has a kind of nostalgic vibe and feels a little bit like a secret hideout. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy a relaxing lunch!

Grilled beef tongue set meal

The lunchtime set meal costs around 1,000 yen per person. This is a great chance to samples delicious meat that is sure to leave you completely satisfied.

The taste is out of this world! And the prices are incredibly reasonable!

The team spent 2,600 yen on lunch. That left them with1,438 yen to spend!

After a delicious lunch, it was time to have dessert. The team headed into the direction of…

Cafe the Launch

④ Cafe the Launch
1-12-39 Daimyo, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

 Dome-shaped desserts!

The dome-shaped dessert is definitely one of the mist eye-catching dishes on the menu! The white shaped spherical item that they serve you is a real show stopper!

Definitely worth a post on Instagram! We are sure that this would get a lot of likes on social media!

But the dessert does not end here! This is where it get really exciting…

A member of the waiting staff will come over to pour a luxurious sauce over the top. As that happens, the dome will start to dissolve in front of your eyes and form into a wonderfully delicious chocolatey cream. The transformation is almost magical!

There is a fantastic array of fruits inside the center, including delicious strawberries!

Make sure to try and get a photograph as the desert starts to transform! The change happens quite quickly once the source hits the dome-shaped structure, so we would recommend recording it on your phone!

A drink with real impact!

Two striking items with real impact!

A drink and dessert combo like this looks great on Instagram. You can’t help but think that cafes and restaurants are putting together their menus with these kinds of things in mind!

The dessert looks quite flashy, but it is actually very refreshing! た。

The final bill for the two came to 1,850 yen.

Before the cafe, the street level team had 1,438 yen. That means their bill of 1,850 yen took them 412 yen over the 5,000 yen limit. 

They spent a little bit too much, but it was worth it! It is not everyday that you can find such a tasty dessert.

That brings the teams Tenjin team’s day trip to an end! It’s clear that you can have a great time around the streets of central Fukuoka for just 5,000 yen! Make sure to explore the shopping areas around Tenjin and Daimyo! There are all kinds of great bargains to be found!

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How to get involved!


If you think shopping on the streets of Tenjin and Daimyo looked fun, be sure to add the #fukuokayokaby#ground hashtag to an image of one of the spots in the area!

But if you like the look of hanging out in the city’s underground shopping arcades, add the hashtag #fukuokayokaby#underground to a photo of one of the recommended spots!

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The application period closes on 31st December! Make sure to apply in time!

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