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How far can you get with 5,000 yen in Tenjin’s underground shopping area?

How far can you get with 5,000 yen in Tenjin’s underground shopping area?

Underground VS Street Level Shopping in Fukuoka!
How far can you get with 5,000 yen in Tenjin’s underground shopping area?

We sent one team to explore the underground shopping areas in Fukuoka City, and one to check-out all the best hangouts on the street level. We gave them each 5,000 yen spending money and followed them around to see what they got up to! Yue Jonneiy (left) and May Meng Hanqing (right) went to explore the Tenjin Chikagai, here is what they got up to!

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Application Deadline

The competition runs until October 31st, so make sure to get involved!

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Tenjin is right in the center of Fukuoka. It is widely-known as a great shopping area, and home to a fabulous underground shopping mall.

But where is the best place to go hangout in Tenjin? We were keen to find-out whether or not its more fun to explore the stores in the Tenjin Chikagai or the shops and retailers on ground level.

We also wanted to take in consideration tourists visiting the area who might not want to spend a fortune during their travels, so decided to see if it is possible to enjoy these two areas on a budget! We gave the two teams 5,000 yen and sent them on their way! Let the battle begin!

5,000 yen budget for two people

Time for the underground team to get started!

The underground team started at the Tenjin Subway Station and made their way towards Karancolon Kyoto, a store in the Tenjin Chikagai that is very popular with people looking to purchase souvenirs or presents to take back home.

Karancolon Kyoto!

① Karancolon Kyoto
Address: Chika 2-205, Chuo Ward, Tenjin, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

This is what the interior looks like when you first enter the store. You can’t help but rush inside when you see all the incredibly cute souvenirs they stock inside!

Old school candy jars!

These super cute sweet containers have wonderful retro, Showa-style packages that convey a wonderful sense of nostalgia for a bygone era. And thats not all… Inside these charming packages, you will find delicious candied treats.

They stock all kinds of sweet and confectionary, from traditional school candy to items that are a bit harder to find. Even though you might be used to big, oversize candy from your childhood, you are sure to be satisfied by the taste of these smaller sized sweets.

The sweets also have really cool, unique names that give you a real sense of what they might taste like!

These kawaii jars are packed full of deliciously colorful sweets! Once you have finished with the candy you can keep the hard containers and use them for something else! These make lovely gifts, so if you are on the hunt for a present to give to a friend or loved one, make sure to check them out!

Small origami-style crane earrings!

These small origami (folded paper) crane earrings are so cute, don’t you think? The handmade earrings have been skilfully created by artistic individuals in Japan who have attached origami cranes to piercings that can be worn in the ear. As you can see from the above image, the gorgeous cranes have been made using vibrant, colorful decorative paper. These kinds of items are a great match for anyone planning to wear a kimono or yukata.

The items inside the store are great for any overseas visitors looking for gifts! This store is definitelt worth visiting if you are looking for authentic Japanese-style souvenirs!

The team spent 864 yen inside the store, leaving them with 4,136円 as they move to their next destination.


② Sunflower
Address: 1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Website: http://tokimekiweb.com/blog/himawarien/cat45 /

Next up was the charming eatery “Sunflower.” The cafe is a part of the social welfare facilities beneath the Tenjin City Hall.

All of the dishes on the Sunflower menu are made using feature ingredients and vegetables from around Fukuoka city. This is a great opportunity to enjoy fresh food that has been produced with local consumers in mind.

Only 20 special Sunflower lunches served per day!

They offer a special limited edition lunch! Only 20 meals are served a day, but at only 700 yen (including tax) the price is very reasonable!

The menu is so appealing, you might end up ordering more than you had planned.

The sandwich set meal is just 500 yen!
Daily specials are served with a soup and salad!

The cafe offers delicious food that is perfectly priced if you are on a budget.

You’re sure to be satisfied with the cafe’s delicious lunch menu!

The staff are also really kind and helpful.
It is definitely a place the underground team would recommend!

The duo spent a total of 1,300 yen in the cafe.
Deducting that off the 4,136 yen that was left before they had their meal left them with 2,836 yen.

Zakka eQ

③ Zakka eQ
2nd Floor Basement Tenjin Core, 1-11-11 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

This super cute store sells alls kinds of goods and merchandise. It i located on the second floor basement of Tenjin Core.

Moomin Goods

Affordable Accessories

Nostalgic sweets

The store stocks affordable, brand items, you can even Moomin-related goods! There’s all sorts of cool pieces for sales, including a great selection of nostalgic sweets, which are sure to bring back memories of your childhood! If you are looking for cute, stylish, and fun goods, then this is definitely the place for you

The team went into the store with 2,836 yen left to spend. After a bit of a look around, they managed to find some bargain items that cost just 1,296 yen, leaving them with a total of 1,540 yen.

Tea Way

④Tea Way
Address: 1st Floor Basement Vivre, 1-11-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Tea Way is a store that specialises in tapioca drinks! It has recently proven very popular with female shoppers.

Ground Uji matcha milk smoothie

Committed to using the finest ingredients, this delicious smoothie is made using additive-free ground matcha (green tea) from Kyoto. The gentle aroma and deep flavor are characteristic of authentic Japanese green tea. This is definitely the real deal!

Premium Milk Tea

The original tea blend used for this drink offers a taste and scent that ensures this quality milky beverage is not quite like anything else!

With the store offering such incredible value you are sure to feel more than satisfied with the drink you purchase!

The underground duo had 1,540 yen before they purchasing smoothies. They spent  990 yen in Tea Way, which left them with 550 yen. Just enough change to make one final purchase…


Address: 255 Higashi 4 Bangai 2 Tenjin, Central Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

With 550 yen remaining from the original 5,000 yen, the underground team headed over to BAKE, a hugely popular store in the Tenjin Chikagai that sees huge queues waiting to get inside everyday.

BAKE serve incredibly fresh cakes, and that it is the key to their success! The cheese tarts they sell are so authentic and delicious. We think they might be amongst the best in the world!

You can even smell the wonderful scent of freshly baked cheese tarts from outside the store! Every cake they sell is freshly made on the day to help ensure an unrivalled taste!

There is no way that the taste of their product will leave you feeling disappointed. The store continues to gain new fans through word-of-mouth, and with such an exceptionally high quality of cake on offer, that shows no sign of stopping any time soon!

The team purchased two cheese cakes from BAKE, which came to a total of 432 yen (216 yen each). That mean that they finished their excursion with 118 yen leftover! 

What did you make of the underground team’s day out? With just 5,000 yen they were able to visit five stores! It looked like they had fun, right! If you are looking for somewhere to go out in the city, why not try exploring Tenjin’s underground shopping district!

An make sure not to forget about our awesome prize giveaway!

Here are all the important details one more time…

Get your hands on a prize from Karancolon Kyoto!

Just add a hashtag on social media to the team you think had more fun! Everyone who a tag will be entered into the draw! A name will then be chosen at a random and one winner will receive two souvenir-style items from Karancolon Kyoto!

How to Apply!

If you think hanging out in the city’s underground shopping arcades looks fun, post a pic of one of the spots from the area and tag it with #fukuokayokaby#underground!

If you like the look of shopping on the streets of Tenjin and Daimyo, make sure to post a pic of one of the spots featured with the #fukuokayokaby#ground tag!

It’s as simple as that! And you can apply via via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!


The competition will run until October 31st, so be sure to apply before it is too late!

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