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Sightseeing Spots, Great Food, Shopping, and so much more! Find-out more about what Fukuoka has to offer!

Photo provided by Fukuoka City Fukuoka  Since ancient times, Fukuoka has played an important role as a point of trade with mainland China and the Korean Peninsula. Even today the area is still frequently referred to as the “gateway to Asia,” and welcomes huge numbers of tourists from the continent. Although Fukuoka has started to gain greater levels of attention, there are still many people who are not familiar with the area. If you are you planning to visit Fukuoka, but aren’t not sure where to go, or what to do, here are a few ideas! Looking to do a bit of Sightseeing?  Here are some of the most famous […]

“What? That dish is originally from Fukuoka!”  Enjoy our special feature on foods you might be surprised to hear originated in Fukuoka!

 When you talk about dishes that have originated in Fukuoka, what usually comes to mind? Probably tonkotsu ramen, right? Well, it is certainly true that it is one of the most famous foods to come out of Fukuoka, but there is a whole of range of fantastic dishes from Fukuoka that are not so widely known. We’ll be introducing to some of them, so keep on reading to find-out more! Udon Many people are familiar with udon, but perhaps not everyone is aware that it was first developed in Fukuoka. It can be traced back to 1241, when the Kamakura period priest Shoichi Kokushi returned to Japan after completing his training in […]