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Affordable Japanese make-up? 5 high quality brands for everyone.

Japanese make-up is considered as a high quality and also less harmful because of ingredients used in it which makes it very attractive. To be honest high quality make-up doesn’t need to be expensive. Here I will introduce some pretty good and affordable Japanese brands. Canmake Canmake is a brand with a cute and girly design. A really adorable point is that mainly consist natural ingredients in their products, which makes them less harmful for your skin. They also sell a very big variation of products, so that everyone can find their favorite items. Price: 500-1500 yen Link: http://www.canmake.com/   Daiso Daiso is one of the most famous 100Yen stores in […]

Being stylish in Japan- a brief look at fashion culture and shops guide

When it comes to fashion, Japan can be an overwhelming experience. The first time you enter a department store can be shocking. So many different shops and styles you may have never seen before. To find your way through these fashion paradises can be difficult. This article will give you a first short review of some styles for women. Casual  Source: http://www.uniqlo.com/jp/stylingbook/pc/style/10006459   https://www.vivre-shop.jp/tenjin/shop/727 The casual style uses mainly basic colors and designs. You will not find much playful decoration on the clothes. So it gives you a sporty and simple look. This style is ideal for everyday activities, like going shopping, having a stroll, or playing with children. Shop recommendations: UNIQLO, […]

Fukuoka’s most splendid greens and sacred places

Have you ever wanted to see and experience a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple by yourself? Or have a walk in a real traditional Japanese garden? If your answer is positive then you have to come to Fukuoka and visit 8 the most splendid gardens and holy places around the city. Only there you can find some of the oldest and most famous shrines and temples in Japan. Besides that , beautiful gardens and parks are inviting you for a stroll or a cup of delicious Japanese tea. So here are the most amazing spots, which you definitely shouldn’t miss when you come to visit wonderful city of Fukuoka. Maizuru […]

From Marizon to Nishijin – 1 day at Sazae-san Street

Marizon is a very beautiful place, but do you want to spend here a whole day? So how about exploring Sazae-san Street, too? Between Marizon and Nishijin Station you can find very interesting places along the 2 km long route. Come and let’s have a little stroll around Sazae-san Street! But first, why this street has such a unusual name? It is said, that while Machiko Hasegawa, author of the manga and anime “Sazae san”, was in this area, the idea for the series was born, and in honor of this the street was named Sazae-san Dori. Along this street you can find several signs linked to Sazae-san. Marizon Marizon […]