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Let’s give toasts for everyone’s new beginning!

What kind of season is it for everyone in February and March?

Perhaps, in Japan, the new fiscal year begins in April. Isn’t it a season that everyone is toasting for a farewell or new encounters?

Let’s cheer and celebrate our new start of the year in Fukuoka!

The theme for this contest is… Kanpai Fukuoka”

We decided this theme to celebrate everyone’s new beginning of the year.

All you have to do is add the #fukuokayokaby hashtag to any celebration, toasting photos you have taken recently!

Let’s toast with Fukuokans and make a mood of celebration!


It will be posted on the cover of Yoka Map

The concept of Yoka Map is “A Tourist Map made with Travelers in Fukuoka“.

We will post the photos that you posted on the cover of Yoka Map!

Our staff take to the streets to ask 100 international tourists to choose their favorite photographs. The image with the most votes receives a Grand Prix prize!

Winners will receive SUNQ Pass !
(3-days unlimited bus ride ticket in Kyusyu)

Image quote: SUNQ pass

Users who passed the screening will receive SUNQ Pass! It is a unlimited bus-ride ticket which you can travel all around Kyusyu.
(Click here for details on SUNQ path.)

In addition, the selected photos will be published largely on the cover of Yoka Map.

A fair and impartial judging process! Winners selected by 100 international tourists!

In order to maintain impartiality in the selection process, our staff take to the streets to ask 100 international tourists to choose their favorite photographs. The image with the most votes receives a fantastic prize!

The video above shows the selection process and help explains how the public chose the winners for our first photo contest. It will only take a minute to watch, so please check-it-out!

Instead of leaving the selection to the Yoka By staff, we also gather the opinions and views of the public to ensure that everything is completely fair and impartial.

How to Enter! Just Follow #fukuokayokaby and Add the Hashtag!

Entering the Yoka By photo contest is super simple!

Just follow Yoka By Fukuoka on social media and add the hashtag #fukuokayokaby to your post.

So, go ahead and post a photo from your travels in Fukuoka on social media! And let’s create a Fukuoka sightseeing map together!

You can get involved and enter via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
*Please be aware that you will not be able to view the posts unless you follow us on social media.

Check-out the Yoka By Fukuoka Instagram account, here.
Check-out the Yoka By Fukuoka facebook account, here.
Check-out the Yoka By Fukuoka Twitter account, here.

Check-out photographs from our previous “Heartwarming Fukuoka” contest, including the Grand Prix prize winners!





Deadline: 28th February 2017

Be sure to apply before the application deadline on the 28th February 2017.
As we continuously host photo contests, if you do submit a photo after the deadline, we will take the image you post as a submission for the next contest!

Winners will be announced via the official Yoka By Fukuoka Instagram account!

Results will be announced via the official Yoka By Fukuoka Instagram account in early January.

Yoka By Fukuoka will contact winners of the grand prix and the additional prizes through social media to let them know if their submission has been selected!

We can’t wait to see your posts!

Additional Information

For additional information, please follow this link.

Let’s fill Fukuoka with heartfelt emotion and love!

Please don’t forget the theme for this contest is… “Heartwarming Fukuoka.” We hope that it can help relight the flame of love and passion within your heart! Getting to the very “heart” of the theme is the key to doing well in the competition and winning one of our awesome prizes!

Please get involved!

And do not hesitate to get in touch and leave a comment if you have a question.