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The 10th Fukuoka Photo contest is held !

Fukuoka Contest will be held from 1st of August 2018 to 31st of August 2018.

Post a photo with [#fukuokayokaby] on your social media account and share with us your most amazing moment from trip to Fukuoka!

Let’s discover a charm of Fukuoka!


You can find great things on Fukuoka’s tourist information booklet for foreigners Yoka Map!

Yoka Map is a Fukuoka’s tourist information booklet for foreigners made under concept of [ Tourist map made together with tourists].

Everyone’s posted picture with #fukuokayokaby will be also printed in Yoka Map!
This booklet will be issued in 20,000 copies and distributed at over 330 domestic and overseas places so large group of tourists can reach it. Maybe this time your photo will move someones heart!

Also photos carefully selected by our staff and 100 foreign tourist in street survey will receive great “Grand Prix”

Winner’s photo will be posted as a cover page of Yoka Map!

If you want to get more informations about yoga Map place check link below.

Yoka Map Digital book



Application deadline : August 31st 2018

Since the application deadline is August 31, 2018, be sure to post your photo before the deadline. Also, since the photo contest is held frequently , even if you submit it after the deadline we will accept it as a next photo contest application.

To join our photo contest just follow us and tag you photo with #fukuokayokaby

To join our Yoka by photo contest just follow few easy steps.

Follow our Yoka by Fukuoka profile on your social media account.

Post a photo from your trip to Fukuoka on your social media account with #fukuokayokaby
Lets make one Fukuoka’s tourist map together !

You can join via instagram, Facebook or twitter account.
※Be sure to follow our profile , otherwise your post cannot be accepted.

Check Yoka by Fukuoka’s social media accounts here!

Results presentation : Yoka by Fukuoka Official Instagram account


The results will be announced in early September on Yoka By Fukuoka Official Instagram.

In addition, we will contact you directly from Yoka By Fukuoka Official Account using comments or message function for first prize winners and second prize winners.

Please look forward to it.

Other notes

For further informations please look here

Tourists and Locals! Let’s rediscover beauty of Fukuoka together!

Everyone can join our photo contest.
Let’s join with and share with everyone the beauty of Fukuoka

Tell your friends to join as well !

If you have any questions , do not hesitate to contact us via comment section.