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Let’s share everyone’s precious moments!

Little by little days are getting warmer . For everyone April is time for changes and fresh new starts.

I think it’s time when you will viewing Cherry blossoms with your important person and also great opportunity to make new friends. While this season has a feeling of a fresh new start, We would like to make a photo contest for your most cherished moment photos.

“This time Fukuoka photo contest theme is “CHERISH FUKUOKA “

So, this time theme is “CHERISH FUKUOKA”.

”CHERISH” means in English (to care,protect). Also Sakura means cherry blossoms and indicate something fresh and new , so combining those words we made theme of this contest.

Please choose pictures that you feel like “this is for the first time” in Fukuoka, and post photos of your important person, precious moment and location, with “#fukuokayokaby” on Social media .

Everyone, let’s share our most precious moments !

Excellent works are posted on Fukuoka’s tourist information booklet Yoka Map for Foreigners

Yoka map is a tourist information booklet for foreigners in Fukuoka issued under the concept of “tourism maps made together with tourists “

Everyone’s photos tagged with 「#fukuokayokaby 」will be published in our magazine Yoka Map.

20,000 copies of our magazine are issued each time, distributed to more than 330 domestic and overseas locations, so many foreign tourists can get them. Maybe your photos will move tourists hearts!

From all everyone’s posted pictures , best ones will be carefully select by 100 foreign tourists and our staff.Those who win ,will receive a Grand Prix!

Winner photo will be posted on our cover page!

If you would like to see more of Yoka Map, please look below.

Yoka Map Vol.8 Japanese・English version 


Yoka Map Vol.8 Korean・Traditional Chinese version

Grand prix winner will also receive Kyushu bus ticket SUN Q PASS!

Image quote : SUN Q PASS

Lucky user selected by foreign tourists and our staff as a Grand Prix winner will receive Kyushu bus ticket SUN Q PASS. (For more details of SUN Q please click here。)

Application deadline:2018.4.30.

Since the application deadline is April 30, 2018, be sure to post before the deadline. Also, we continue to do photo contests so even if you post after the deadline, we will accept it as a next photo contest application.

100 foreign tourist survey

For maintaining fair verdict , our Yoka by staff and 100 foreign tourists asked on street survey  carefully select and decide.

The video above is a survey  pattern when the first photo contest was held.Video is about 1 minute long, so please take a look.

As you can see from the video, rather than picking by Yoka By staff’s subjectivity only, we take a opinion of foreign tourists and conduct a more equitable verdict .

To join a contest follow #fukuokaby

Joining Yoka map photo contest is very easy !

Just follow the Yoka By Fukuoka account and tag # fukuokayokaby on your SNS account.

Post your photos of Fukuoka while traveling ,on social media account.
Let’s make one Fukuoka sightseeing map together.

You can join also using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
※Without following our account, posted pictures cannot be seen so please be careful

Yoka By Fukuoka social media accounts 

Results of contest  will be announced on our official Yoka By Fukuoka Instagram account

Results will be announced in early May on Yoka By Fukuoka Official Instagram.

Contestants who will be chosen in first time round of judging and second round of judging will be informed via Yoka By Fukuoka official Instagram account by coments and  direct messages.

Please look forward for results !


For other notices please click here

Fukuoka is overflowed with everyone’s “cherished moments “

This photo contest is made for everyone’s participation.
Would you like to share your precious moments and encourage everyone to have a fun in Fukuoka?

Don’t hesitate to apply!

If you have any questions please place them in the comment section.