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11th Fukuoka’s Photo contest ! Produced by Yoka By

The 11th Fukuoka Photo contest is held ! Fukuoka Contest will be held from 1st of October 2018 to 31st of October 2018. Post a photo with [#fukuokayokaby] on your social media account and share with us your most amazing moment from trip to Fukuoka! Let’s discover a charm of Fukuoka!   You can find great things on Fukuoka’s tourist information booklet for foreigners Yoka Map! Yoka Map is a Fukuoka’s tourist information booklet for foreigners made under concept of [ Tourist map made together with tourists]. Everyone’s posted picture with #fukuokayokaby will be also printed in Yoka Map! This booklet will be issued in 20,000 copies and distributed at […]

Fukuoka’s events list from August to September 2018

We just gathered all informations about events in Fukuoka from August to September 2018, so we are hoping that it will be helpful for everyone who want to participate in those events.   8/1 56th West Japan Fireworks Festival   Event date:First of August (Wednesday) Opening time:20:00~21:30 Place:Ohori Park Weather information:In case of storm event will be moved to 2nd of August (Thursday) Number of fireworks:6000 Number of visitors:41thousand of people Access:Next to Ohori park underground station.10 min on foot from Ropponmatsu station Parking lot:Not available Paid seats:Adult 1200 yen. Child (elementary and junior high school students 600 yen. PDF pamphlet ※This year there’s no paid seats available in Maizuru park. Organizer: […]

8th Fukuoka photo contest in run! Let’s share your most precious moments!

Let’s share everyone’s precious moments! Little by little days are getting warmer . For everyone April is time for changes and fresh new starts. I think it’s time when you will viewing Cherry blossoms with your important person and also great opportunity to make new friends. While this season has a feeling of a fresh new start, We would like to make a photo contest for your most cherished moment photos. “This time Fukuoka photo contest theme is “CHERISH FUKUOKA “ So, this time theme is “CHERISH FUKUOKA”. ”CHERISH” means in English (to care,protect). Also Sakura means cherry blossoms and indicate something fresh and new , so combining those words […]

Night-time Aquarium at Marine World!

A Great Date Night Idea! This is fun hang out is one of the best, most creative places to go on a date in Fukuoka! Especially if you head over there after the sunsets! Marine World is now hosting night-time aquarium events. With the Port of Hakata providing the backdrop, the after dark dolphin show gives visitors the chance to witness rare sea life that can only be seen at night! Viewing these kinds of surroundings at night is a fantastically romantic experience that is well worth checking out with your partner! Dates: July 15th to August 31st 2017 Weekends and national holidays from September 2nd to September 30th 2017 Marine World […]