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AEON Shoppers Fukuoka

One of the largest retail chains in Japan, AEON sells fresh foods, cosmetics, as well as clothes and is home to a wide range of products and brands. It truly is a great option for anyone looking to do a bit of shopping.

Having gained a reputation for stocking high quality goods at reasonable prices, AEON Shoppers has recently become a popular destination for tourists from abroad.

We went to AEON Shoppers to find-out exactly why the store is currently so popular with tourists visiting from abroad. We also wanted to check-out what items and goods sell particularly well with international customers.

Duty Free Shopping!

One of the first things to catch your eye is this big duty free poster. The offer of tax-free shopping is always likely to capture the attention of inbound tourists.

Yoka Map Discounts

Also, if you show your copy of Yoka Map to a member of staff, you can get an extra 5% discount!

You can find copies of Yoka Map at various locations throughout the city, including Fukuoka airport, accommodation facilities, as well as tourist information centers.


A number of cosmetics sell particularly well with customers from overseas. Let’s take a closer look at some of the kind of products in stock!

You will notice that they have a great range of booths and stands run by a wide range of big name cosmetic companies, including CHIFURE, Shiseido, and SK-Ⅱ. Customers can also receive some advice from staff about the various products in-stock and what cosmetics might suit them best.

The importance of using beauty products that work well for you is so important when putting a look together. That is why it is so great to have staff on hand who can offer valuable insight.

Discounts of 20% to 30% Off on Selected Items

Depending on the brand, it is possible to find discounts of 20% to 30% on selected items!

It is clear that AEON Shoppers really do stock high quality, reasonably priced cosmetics!

Cosmetics Popular with Overseas Tourists

It is not just branded goods that sell with tourists from abroad. It seems that international shoppers are attracted to all kinds of products and goods.

It might well be that AEON Shoppers strength lies in the incredible volume of goods they stock.
The sheer scale of products that they purchase means that they can offer merchandise at incredibly reasonable prices.

We have come across a lot of people claiming that they want to buy in bulk during their travels around Japan as a lot of goods over here are simply too expensive to purchase back in their home country. But often these tourists do not know where to go shopping! If that is something that you have found yourself thinking, then make sure to stop by AEON Shoppers! You are sure to find what you are looking for on their shelves!

Sweets and Confectionary

The store also stock an abundance of sweets and confectionary!

One of the most popular items inside the store has to be the matcha (green tea) flavoured Kit Kat. The multi-pack has become a a classic souvenir that countless tourists buy for family and friends back home during their stay in Fukuoka!

The store also stocks a lot of products that you can only find in Fukuoka. Make sure to check them out!


Don’t forget to check-out the fresh fruit and vegetable section in in the first floor basement! The produce might not be appropriate for souvenir shopping, but is well worth a look if you are feeling hungry or hoping to sample some locally sourced food.

The special Hakata “amaou” strawberries are very popular and have proven a real hit with customers!

A staff member told us that they had once witnessed a tourist from abroad purchasing an entire box full of strawberries!

Fresh Food

AEON Shoppers is known for its fresh produce. There is an incredible array of fresh fish and sushi available inside.

Many locals also purchase food from AEON Shoppers. It is easy to see why the store is able to attract so many customers when you see such fresh produce on the shelves!


Japanese alcohol is proving very popular with visitors from overseas.

One of the best selling alcoholic beverages “horoyoi.”
It seems that the Korean shoppers have gone crazy over the drink, with many customers saying that it tastes just like fruit juice!

Rare Types of Beer

They also stock have rare and hard to find alcoholic beverage known as collagen beer.
This non-alcoholic beer contains 2000 mg of collagen and is said to have some health benefits!

It is quite a unique drink that has recently proven popular with female shoppers.


Chocolates are also popular with international shoppers! Their huge stock means that are are well prepared for any customers looking to purchase large quantities of one product!

Other Popular Products

It is clear that there is a wide range of products that are popular with international shoppers, some of which might come as a bit of a surprise! A member of staff told us that fish flakes attract a fair amount of attention from overseas visitors. It seems that the salmon flakes that they stock are not widely sold in many other parts of the world. Maxim coffee beans and Ajinomoto products also go down well with inbound tourists.


A member of staff told us that the store always gets questions about tea. That is why there is information about the tea written in a number of languages.

That’s all for Today!

There are so many items and goods to introduce, but we’ll leave it there for now!

In addition to the duty-free shopping and bargains on items such as cosmetics, be sure to make the most of all the discounts available with Yoka Map. You’ll find that there are a lot of reasonably priced souvenirs in AEON Shoppers!


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