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The real pleasure of sightseeing is not only in looking at beautiful scenery and obtaining certain knowledge from materials based on historical facts.

If you can use boundless imagination and reproduce all possibilities in your mind, it will drug you into the charm of the place even more.
There are still mysteries of Fukuoka castle that has been not yet elucidated. Why do not make trip to your mind and freely explore the history while enjoying quaint ruins and outstanding nature?

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1.Let’s start with Shimonohashi gate
It is said that the biggest mystery of Fukuoka castle is in existence or nonexistent of a castle tower. If there are completely two different opinions among experts , without thinking too much let ‘s go through the Fukuoka castle Shimonohashi gate first.
Although there are several entrances to the premises of Fukuoka castle, we recommend you to enter the first step to history from Shimonohashi gate. Because Shimonohashi gate is historically proved to exist , it is still the only gate currently standing in the same place as before..
Shimonohashi gate was built in 1809. Scars of farmer riots occurred in the 6th year of Meiji era are visible too. If you pass through the Shimonohashi gate, which is surrounded by stone walls and has a profound feeling, you will feel like you are character of the historical drama series and became the Kuroda Kanbei the feudal lord of Fukuoka.
Let’s walk in this premises with free idea and atmosphere like you set up this castle by yourself, while enjoying the terrain.
2. Kyushu’s top class ground
After passing through the Shimonohashi gate, let’s cross the road and climb the hill that continues to the Base of keep. When you get the larger view , you can see the place of the Heiwadai baseball stadium where the former local baseball team went on a fierce battle, and also athletic fields which is still the official stage of the international marathon.
The moat that surrounds the land is also a wonderful thing to see. Nearby is Ohori Park which is an oasis for people living in Fukuoka. There are only a few existing stone walls, and from the old map we know that at that time the moat was surrounding Ohori park even more from the outside.
Only inner part of the site was around 80 thousand meters , so you can imagine that it was largest scale castle in Kyushu. If you were First Lord Nagamasa Kuroda would you build a castle tower in this area?
Definitely you should try climb this hill step by step with your huge imagination.

3. Incredible power! Minamimaru Tamon Yagura tower
Before reaching the castle base of keep there’s place to see in every turn. Minamimaru Tamon Yagura is one of them. Castle fortification from that time exist till now and is registered as a important designated cultural asset of the country.

Nowadays there’s many skyscrapers built in modern cities and of course there are much taller buildings that Tamon Yagura. However from this Yagura is not physically tall but you can feel this incredible power in it.
It is said that the Yagura used to be soldiers’ dormitory at the time, also as a arsenal warehouse, and it was a tower which plays an important part in defense. From the top of the wall many stones was harshly dropped.
Walking there gives you a feeling how amazing strategist Kuroda Kanbei was fighting his enemies with a spirit of fight .
4. Finally arriving to base of the keep

Well, the greatest mystery, was Fukuoka Castle tower existed or not?
Let’s climb the core of our mystery – the base of the keep
First of all you’ll be surprised how nice is this view . Despite the absence of the castle tower, you can see the city of Fukuoka just from the base of the keep . However, since we had made up to the keep , we definitely would like to build a wonderful castle tower on top of that.
The reason for the existence of a castle tower is that there are about 40 cornerstones in the stone wall. Even in the construction technology of that time, this is an arrangement that can endure even huge 6 floor castle , similar to Great Kumamoto castle.
However, there is no evidence that wood to be a pillar for building a castle was stood there. There are hardly any historical materials that have a description to prove the existence of the castle tower, and it is said that there was no castle tower in any way.

5.If you were a feudal lord
Kuroda Kanbei served as an aide of Toyotomi Hideyoshi who ruled the country and gave him a title of military chief . He was a Leader and a strategist who planned all tactics for battles and how to get the victory.
If there was a wonderful castle tower on this ground, it could be certainly a spectacular sight that shows off the power of the people who lived in the castle.
Apparently it was time of battle. Building such a noticeable castle, could increase the risk of being attacked. In the era when passing informations were not developed like now, large castle standing in rural areas, gives the possibility of rebellion against government.
In fact, Fukuoka castle has never been attacked.
It’s definitely important place and should be protected.. There is hidden philosophy of people who used to live in that era for sure.

If you were a feudal lord how could use use this ground? Definitely try to think about this mistery of Fukuoka Castle while visiting here.


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