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“Hakata Hankyu” is a large department store that is attached to Hakata Station

From high-class and fashionable images, Hakata Hankyu, which is a shopping base in Fukuoka, mainly for women in their 30s, has nearly 500 shops.

Did you know that there are products you can only purchase at many stores in Hakata-Hankyu?

This time, I interviewed Hakata-Hankyu’s corporate communications officer Mr. Ikeda directly and asked him about a lot of Hakata-Hankyu’s Limited Items.

Zack, a smiley guy from Netherlands, and Marius, a fashionable guy from Germany, interviewed him. I am going to report about Hakata-Hankyu’s unique shopping experience briefly.


First of all, let’s recieve a 5% OFF ticket from the Information Center.  If you buy items in Hakata-Hankyu with that ticket, you can buy with 5% discount. It should be helpful for you to use them in high-class department.

*some products are excluded from the price discount.


First, let’s go to the grocery area which is collectively called “Uma-Chika!” located in the first basement floor. You can buy a variety of food souvenirs that can only be purchased in Hakata Hankyu.


Happy Turn’s” is a snack which has been popular in Japan for long time. It is surprising to see a specialty store for Happy Turn’s here. You can buy some completely different concepts from normal ones.

Strawberry-Milk flavored Happy Turn’sONLY SOLD IN HAKATA HANKYU

Hakata’s special product “Hakata Amaou” flavored strawberry powder is used in this Happy Turn’s. It is very characteristic flavor, sweet and sour just like raspberry.

This item is only available in Hakata Hankyu. How about having a sweet and sour time with your partner by eating “Strawberry-Milk flavored Happy Turn’s” ?

New flavor ”Café au lait” & ”Rum raisin”

I would like to inform to someone who really likes new things. New flavor “Café au lait” and “Rum raisin”!

Café au lait flavor: both milk and chocolate collaborated taste spreads in your mouth with moist mouthfeel. Rum raisin flavor: the flavor of rum raisin goes through your nose and makes you feel fresh. You better try these New Flavors. It’s really tasty.

Six flavors packed box “HAPPY POP”

In addition to the cafe au lait and rum raisins flavor, Happy Pop box is filled with four more flavors, Wasanbon-Kinako, Camembert cheese, scorched butter and chocolate. Ideal for souvenirs to special people.

※ There is a case where there is no handling depending on season.


Menbei” is the most well known Fukuoka’s souvenir. Its specialty shop is here in Hakata Hankyu .

I’ll introduce you some more details about “Menbei“. It is mentaiko rice cracker made in  Yamaguchi Aburaya Fukutaro Co. which mainly makes spiced cod roe(mentaiko). It’s popular among tourists in Fukuoka because mentaiko, famous as Fukuoka’s souvenir, is used in the rice cracker.

They have various flavors: plane, mayonnaise, green onion and other unique flavors. Within various kinds of flavors, Mr. Ikeda told us that there are another special flavors which you can only buy here in Hakata-Hankyu.

Hakata-Hankyu’s limited edition “Menbei”

These shiny white boxes are the ones he’s talking about. There are so many variety of interesting tastes: Sea urchin, Tomato&Basil, Shrimp, Cheese, White chocolate, Caramel chocolate and so on. They told us that the most popular one in these special flavors is Tomato&Basil. How’s the taste?

You can try all kinds

If there’re so many flavors, you would like to check their tastes and then choose what you like to buy. Fortunately, they would let you taste a little pieces of them. You can just ask them which flavor you want to try. Then you can choose your favorite ones and choose which one to buy.

You can communicate with their clerks and have fun and enjoy their sumples!

Hankyu Umaka Shokuhin-gura

Hankyu Umaka Shokuhin-gura was opened just this year.  You could purchase all kinds of soy sauce from Kyushu. And there are many mini-sized bottles which is good for souvenir.

It’s awesome that they are all only made for Hakata-Hankyu.

There are so many kinds of “Shoyu(soy sauce)” in Japan. Kyushu’s shoyu is known for sweet flavor. There are various opinions why they are sweet. Some says that it is because of the hot weather which they needed to take sugar to keep energy in their body. Another says that a lot of sugar was imported in Kyushu and  it matched with dry shochu(sake).

It is also said that it was made sweet for fisher-mans to enjoy having fish with sugar to save their energy. This theory is very convinced one.

Hankyu Umaka Shokuhin-gura has mini-sized bottles for souvenir with different kinds of special flavors which was independently developed for different places in Japan.

They let us try some of their tastes.

*They don’t usually give you samples except in a special occasion.

“Shoyu for onsen-tamago

Yufuin and Beppu are known as cities of onsen(hot-spring) in Oita prefecture. There you can have onsen-tamago: soft-boiled eggs made in hot-spring.

It is very unique that this shoyu is made for onsen-tamago. Its flavor is lightly seasoned and it feels a bit saltier than normal shoyu. It should be very delicious to have with onsen-tamago!

There are other kinds of shoyu for local food in Kyushu!

They also have ponzu soy sauce for mizutaki (chicken meat and vegetables stewed in a nabe on a dinning table) in Fukuoka, shoyu for squid in Saga, shoyu for Jidori chickin in Miyazaki, etc. The most interesting one was matcha shoyu. The color of it looks as green as green tea, but the flavor isn’t that different from normal soy sauce. You can surprise your friends or family by buying this unusual soy sauce.

Smoked squid to have with sake

Hankyu Umaka Shokuhin-gura also has all kinds of snacks to have with alcohol: smoked squid, smoked octopus, etc. It’s great to have them when you want to relax at home and enjoy these special snacks with alcohol.

Smoky flavor will spread in your mouth. I really recommend to buy these luxury snacks.


If you’re in Hakata-Hankyu, you better go look st a lot of kinds of cosmetics shops. They told us some popular brands for foreigners in Fukuoka.


First, I will introduce this shop which has MDNA SKIN and ReFa. They are popular among women who cares about their skin.


One of their popular ones is this product. It is a Esthetic massage apparatus which has solar panel on it. The solar panel absorbs light and creates light current. The current will pull out your collagen from your skin, and can make your skin tensed and beautiful.

So many tourists were trying them out while we were reporting them. I’ll recommend you to try them.


These are High-grade Collagen drink. Surprisingly, this product is developed jointly with Fujifilm Corporation, famous for camera films. Low Molecular Weight Collagen with high purity are used in the product where they were used in film business. You can become beautiful by taking this high quality collagen in your body.

Though it’s expensive more or less, you can only buy in Japan such a high quality cosmetic. You should purchase them if you really want to become beautiful.

clé de peau BEAUTÉ

“clé de peau BEAUTÉ” has concept with supporting women’s beauty from scientific approach. I will introduce you two products which are popular among tourists these days.

Vaccho Core Couture (base makeup )

It is a base makeup which would make your skin like a shining veil covered. You need to have a good base makeup to have your makeup awesome.

Moonest wiant(Facial Cleansing Foam

This is a facial cleansing foam which would clean your face up into shiny skin and protects moisture in your skin. You better check it out when you have a chance to stand by the shop.


“IPSA” is another shop which is flourish at the cosmetic area. Their clerks will recommend what you need by communicating with customers. It’s nice to go there when you want something specific.

The Time R Aqua

“The Time R Aqua” is one of the most sold cosmetics in this shop.

This is toner which keeps your skin very moisturized. It’s good to use it in winter time when your skin is easy to get dry.

Men’s Clothing Area

There’s a clothing area for fashionable guys on second floor of Hakata-Hankyu. They have a lot of women’s area in Hakata-Hankyu, so it’s very nice to have an area for men also.

Yoji Yamamoto

“men’s creators” is a brand which is created by a designer, Yoji Yamamoto. He has been participating to Paris Collection since 1984, and this shop creates ‘free & unique’ style.

Too Old To Die

There are so many unique clothes, but we couldn’t keep our eyes off on this long T-shirt with red letter.

“Too old to die”. What a powerful message by Yoji Yamamoto. You could express yourself by wearing this super unique T-shirt.

 Cool and Dandy

Yoji Yamamoto’s cloth can make you cool and dandy guy. You will enjoy trying them on. His clothes makes you become a better man. Check it out.

Women’s Fashion Area

At last, I’ll introduce women’s area. They have so many shops which are popular fashionable women among the age of 30s.

Sunny & Border

Hakata Hankyu’s corporate communications officer Mr. Ikeda introduced us “Sunny & Border” on the 4th floor.

“TATRAS” from Milano

“TATRAS” is a popular brand from Milan in Italy. It’s very popular in Japan. They are nice looking and very comfortable to wear.

Their Down coat is very famous and popular. They use the feather of white goose, and  they are so warm and looks very nice to wear. It is high quality jacket to wear in cold weather.

Velor Pants for Yoga

So many people loves to do Yoga. Have you ever wanted to have a comfortable and stretchy pants for Yoga?

“Sunny & Border” has the perfect yoga pants for women. It is made from Velor fabric, so that it’s so comfortable, stretchy and easy to move your body. It’s both fashionable and sporty that who has high sense of beauty would love to have one.

Sleep Tight with Pajama made of Silk

Their clerk strongly recommended us this Pajama made out of Silk. Its feels very smoothy because of their high quality silk. If you wear them at night, you won’t feel the stiffness and you will be able to sleep tight.

“Hakata-Hankyu” The big department store connected to Hakata st.

I introduced you a lot of products which you can check out in Hakata Hankyu. There are things that you can only buy here. Was anything interesting for you? It’s so convenient that it’s directly connected to Hakata station.

If you go to Hakata Hankyu, you will definitely find something for yourself or for someone special. Why don’t you go and check it out yourself? I won’t let you down.



Our Address:

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