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Long time ago, parents were giving a golden advice to their children ‘ at least wear good quality watches and shoes.’

These days not many people say that anymore , but still wearing items such as watches and shoes give a very strong impression to others .

It is often said that the first impression of meeting someone comes from visual appearance and it takes 55% of that impression. So appearance is important. Especially for businessmen it is indispensable to care about their look in order to compile negotiations.

So this time I would like to introduce a ‘watch gallery’ in Hakata Hankyu second floor mezzanine floor of the watch section for those who want to care about their looks.

Also for foreign customers it can be a great reward to buy a watch that you can’t get anywhere except Japan.


The concept of Watch Gallery is to ‘ introduce the world’s most famous luxury watches in a gallery style.’

This time I would like to introduce a domestic brand.

Watch Gallery web site :https://www.hankyu-dept.co.jp/hakata/h/watchgallery/index.html

5 % OFF ticket for foreign customers only !

First get the 5% off ticket at information center . It will give you 5% off discount in Hakata Hankyu store. Surely its huge help especially when you shop in luxury brand stores.

※ Does not cover any food related items and already discounted items.

A gentleman staff will allow me to try these.

In Hakata Hankyu Watch gallery staff will help you to find a watch that perfectly matches your style and preference. You’re not sure about a watch until you place it on your wrist. If you try it on you’ll definitely want to buy it.


First of all, I would like to introduce G – SHOCK made by CASIO. Speaking of G – SHOCK, it is a classic item that has gained popularity as a watch for men.

Its masculine form makes the striking men more attractive.

MR-G MRG-G1000B-1A4JR(300,000JPY+tax)

 Among numerous G – SHOCK types, this “AKA – ZONAE” MRG – G 1000 B – 1A 4 JR which looks very powerful.

The traditional Japanese color “crimson red” and gold details are boosting with strength.

It is the most expensive 300,000 yen (tax excluded) among the G – SHOCK introduced this time, but for men who want to emphasize masculinity, it is a product worth buying.

G-STEEL GST-B100(80,000JPY+tax)

This G-SHOCK gives you a relatively sharp impression. Designed with blue details.

By adopting cutting edge of carbon material, this tough watch combines light weight and shock resistance.

It has technological features such as linking with a smartphone through Bluetooth and automatically correcting the time.

Combined with an elegant suit, it looks very effective.

FROGMAN GWF-D1000-1JF(125,000JPY+tax)

 FROGMAN which can be said to be the most casual design among the G – SHOCK series introduced this time. The form of a digital clock still looks like G-SHOCK and it will definitely suits anyone , especially for those who have no preferences.

For those customers who are G-SHOCK debutant, I would like to recommend this.


CITIZEN, is celebrating the 100th anniversary this year, and has the concept of “making products loved by the citizens”, and under the shout of “Better Starts Now”, a long-established Japanese watch brand that continues to make watches that spin from “now” to “the future”.

A simple and stylish watch should definitely make your daily life better.

ATTESA AT8040-57L(100,000JPY+tax)

The AT 8040-57 L is popular among customers from overseas . It seems that this blue color is used only in Japan.

Just like the Japanese blue color, this design releases a refined shine.

As an expensive souvenir, given to your partner, it will be a pleasing gift without any dought.

BLACK TITAN ATTESA CC9075-52F(220,000JPY+tax)

Among CITIZEN, which has a relatively sharp design and image , this black titanium ATTESA gives a slightly different -heavy feeling comparing to others.

You can tell by looking at the photo, worn by the model, it has sturdy feeling and the beautiful black design unique for black titanium fits perfectly for a man.

Just wearing this, masculinity rises in seconds.

XC EC1144-51W(78,000JPY+tax)

 There were many watches for men so far, but of course there are watches for ladies as well. This cherry pink watch gives women a refreshing image.

If there is a glowy pink on white bare skin, it will surely bring out a more beautiful and feminine looking skin.


One of Japan’s most famous watch brands -SEIKO. A SEIKO’s watch is said to be always accurate and hard to break.

Among  SEIKO’s watches, these are three items recommended by the watch gallery clerk .

ASTRON SBXB139(220,000JPY+tax)

Silver watch band, and grown up design based on black. This design seems to give a sense of security to your partner just by wearing it and it is a popular item among several models of SEIKO.

It is the perfect item for businessmen in their 30s and 40s.


Enamel is usually made by burning a glassy glaze at high temperature on the surface of iron, aluminum, etc. It is an excellent product known for its durability.

Based on the responsible supervision of Mr. Mitsuru Yokozawa who is an enamel craftworker, this carefully finished product has a feeling of Japanese traditional beauty.

It is simple in terms of design, so it seems to be more familiar to anyone.

PROSPEX SBDC053 (80,000JPY+tax)

This one also has this Japanese blue design, and it’s beautifully refreshing. This watch, with its  more noticeable blue color, is an item that I would like to find very useful as a one-point item.

If you prefer simple clothes -wear this watch, it may stand out prominently.

 All presented models of watches are satellite controlled watches and wherever you are in the world it measuring time flawlessly.


Although it is not a Japanese brand, I would like to introduce you this brand at the end. Swiss made AUDEMARS PIGUET, which is one of the world’s three greatest watch manufactures, is a popular luxury watch brand worldwide.

There is a special place in the back of the store, and you can taste the different atmosphere.

Luxury watches worth over 4 million yen

Those watches cost more than 4 million yen and have a design full of luxury which is accurate to their price.

A high-gold color will give you a more gorgeous feeling and gives a special vibe to those who are wearing them.

If you have plenty of money, you should consider purchasing them by all means.

Left photo) Royal Oak Offshore 26401RO.OO.A002CA.02 (4,800,000 JPY + Tax)

Right photo) Royal Oak Offshore Lady 26231 OR.ZZ.D003CA.01 (4,550,000 JPY + Tax)


Today I introduced a watch gallery on the second floor  mezzanine of the Hakata Hankyu , did you enjoy it?

Also as a digression, the wristwatch has become a big hit after World War I and has been spread globally. Before that, pocket watches were commonly used at that time and users kept them inside the pocket. Because it was inconvenient and difficult to use during the war, the German Emperor asked watch making companies to make a watch that will be attached to a belt and that’s how it all started.

It changed since that era, from watches worn mainly for convenience and it became an item which shows a status.

What role will watches play in the future ?

Watch Gallery which ‘introducing worlds most luxurious watches just like in gallery ‘ definitely gives you the answer you want.


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