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King Hakata

A Fun Experience for People Visiting Japan!

If you are in Hakata you will never be short of things to do! There is a wide range of uniquely Japanese experiences to try out, such as pachinko! We stopped by King Hakata to give it a go!

Pachinko is a great way to experience a part of Japanese culture that not everyone knows about. Not quite like anything else, it’s a cross between an arcade game and a slot machine.

King Hakata is in walking distance from Hakata Station and you won’t have any problem getting there; it’s in an easily accessible spot and is well-worth checking out if you’re looking for a fun, different kind of experience. Be warned, a pachinko parlor can be very noisy, so be prepared! But don’t worry too much, you get used to the noise level quite quickly.

This is a uniquely Japanese game, so you might not have played before, but once you have got used to the rules, it’s pretty easy, and a lot of fun. It can get quite addictive and time will start to pass by without you even realizing.


There’s no need to stress if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing as there are signs in English, Chinese and Korean to help. There’s also lots of staff inside, all of whom are helpful and willing to give you a hand if you’re a bit lost.


Once you go inside, you’ll notice there are all kinds of pachinko machines to choose from. It can be a bit hard to know which one to choose! There’s lots of anime-themed machines, which will be super fun for anyone who is into anime and mange.

As far as tourist activities go, this one won’t take up too much energy and doesn’t have to be expensive. After you have finished you can withdraw your credit from the machine. You then swap it at the reception for prizes, such as sweets. You’ll also receive a card, which you can exchange for money outside the parlor.

You will probably not have the chance to experience a place like this outside of Japan, so make sure you take the opportunity to give it a go!


Our Address:

5-4-3 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken


33.58359727550662, 130.41707751882348







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