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Tanushimaru Kyoho winery was found in 1972 in Kurume city( former Ukiha gun),Fukuoka Prefecture.

Kyoho winery is situated at the foot of Mineyama mountains, in the middle of the forest, full of deers. Winery was build in European style , especially influenced by French architecture . Walking around gives you vibes of being in Europe.

 Kyoho harvesting area


When visiting Tanushimaru’s Kyoho Winery, we recommend you to go through the vineyard first. You can see the various kinds of grapes being cultivated.

In the vineyard there is also stone monument with “Ochi “ name on it.

It’s Founder’s father name,  who build  tanumaru winery together with Hayashida Hiroyuki .

Once you pass through the vineyard, you reach the entrance to the underground reservoir. There you can taste the atmosphere like being in Europe.

Underground reservoirs are built by artificially stacking natural stones, where you can find wine manufacturing equipment used in France in the 18th century.

As you walk further you can see old wine bottles that were resting for more than 30- 40 years. As you may know, the older the wine is, the better the taste will be, so surely the wine stored here has a special taste.

The interesting thing is that the wine here is not stored in a regular wine bottle but it is preserved in Japanese sake bottle.

When you walk through all the way to the end, you will see the a bit of history of this place, and actually the wine history in general. This is displayed by a set sculptures, which shows how they used to create wine back in the day. Instead of machines, they used to smash the grapes with their bare feet. Next, there is a set of text in Japanese about the winery’s history and the founder. An other interesting point is, they also use strawberries to mix their wine for a unique and sweet taste.

At the Kyoho winery  apart from knowing how wines are made and what was done in the past, you can also purchase  delicious wines.


 Heurige restaurant in the forest.

You can also enjoy freshly fermented wine at the restaurant.

Even if you’re not a wine fan , you will be intrigued by history that you can feel in wine of Tanumaru winery.


So let’s visit Kyoho winery to enjoy some history and delicious wine.



Our Address:

Japan, 〒839-1213 Fukuoka-ken, Kurume-shi, Tanushimarumachi Masuoda, 246−1


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