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Fukuoka is famous for “food”.

For example, “ra-men“, “mentaiko(spicy cod roe)” and “motsu-nabe” are the most well known ones.

On this cold winter, I think many of you would like to enjoy warm nabe like motsu-nabe in Fukuoka. However, did you know that motsu-nabe is not the only local nabe in Fukuoka?

“Mizutaki” is another local nabe in Fukuoka, which is not really known to non-Fukuoka citizens.

Fukuoka’s local nabe “Mizutaki”

It’s called “Chicken Hot Pot” in English. As you can see, chicken is used in this nabe and it’s been very popular for long time among families who live in Fukuoka .

There are some ways to have mizutaki in Fukuoka, and it’s called “Hakata-nabe-bugyo”.

This time, we went to a restaurant, “Saito-ya”, which is specialized in Hakata’s local dishes. They showed us how to enjoy mizutaki.


“Saito-ya” is a restaurant which serves local dishes in Fukuoka such as motsu-nabe and mizutaki.

Their motsu-nabe and mizutaki are very special because they are particular to local dishes in Fukuoka. Let me show you what they taught us, how to have mizutaki with “Hakata-nabe-bugyo” style.

Having Mizutaki with “Hakata-nabe-bugyo” style 

They use chunks of chicken, minced meat and vegetables for mizutaki, but you don’t put in those ingredients at the same time in the big pot. You put in them one by one and enjoy the sequence and changes of flavor of the soup and ingredients. That’s the Hakata-nabe-bugyo style.

A big soup made of chicken broth is served, with some pieces of chicken with bones are inside the soup. The other ingredients such as meat and vegetables are also served on separate plates, which you will use later.

The owner of the restaurant, Mr. Saito says “We stick on using broilers which was farmed in Kyushu. We don’t only stock them from one particular place like from Miyazaki. We stock broilers from all over the Kyushu by deciding the best quality each seasons. Also, it’s really juicy using broilers(young chicken) rather than using all kinds of chickens.

Enjoying the Chicken-soup filled with Broiler’s umami

As i told you before, Hakata-nabe-bugyo style is a way of enjoying the sequences and changes of flavor of the soup and ingredients.

The first thing you do is grab a Japanese kind of tea mug, put in some salt and scallions, and fill it with a little bit of the chicken soup. You can compare the taste of the soup before & after putting in some salt and scallions.

This chicken soup filled with Broiler’s umami is unbelievably tasty and you would be stunned. The umami will spread all over your tongue and stays in your mouth for a while.

The balance and the depth of the chicken soup tastes would bring you into the world of Hakata-nabe-bugyo.

Grilled flavor of Chicken soup will sharpen your Appetite

After tasting soup at the first step, you put in the rest of the other chicken pieces into the big pot. It is important to put in chicken first rather than putting in vegetables. As long as you boil chicken, so many umami flavor will come out from them.

Then you slowly break “tsumire”, minced chicken that is in the bamboo vessel, into pieces and put into the pot. After boiling them for a while, you will start to smell stronger grilled flavor of the chicken soup.

Try at least 3 different tastes of the Soup

I want you to enjoy the differences of the flavor at least 3 times. As the time passes, as much  ingredients are in the soup, the richness of the soup’s flavor would absorb you.

Eat slowly, and savor the mizutaki. You would enjoy your meal with alcohol and have fun chatting.

Mizutaki with Tasty Condiments

After ten minutes of boiling, it’s time to use the condiments that are served with the food.

In this restaurant, they have their own original ponzu sauce. The sauce taste is sour, yet, not too sour that it makes you react badly. It complements well with boiled chicken and the soup that comes with it.

Tasty condiments are served with the food. Such as Yuzu-koshou and Momiji oroshi. Yuzu-koshou is made of yuzu peel, chilli peppers, salt, and then fermented. And Momiji Oroshi is grated radish and red chilli peppers. My personal favorite was Yuzu-kosho.

It’s just so DELICIOUS

The meat, vegetables, condiments, and the ponzu sauce, these all combine so well.

However! Let’s not forget our first step, the soup tasting. When there is no meat or vegetables in the soup, many assume it is finished. This is not the case, the purpose of the previous tasting was to measure the difference between beginning and the end of the soup flavor. The moment you take a sip of “finished” soup, you will notice a big difference. It was very delicious, and it tasted healthy at the same time.

Since the broth is made of chicken, it also felt like it was able to cure my cold, and keep me healthy for the next months. Personally, I would drink the soup all day.

At last

What did you think of the instruction of how to eat mizutaki with Hakata style? Motsu-nabe is much more well known to tourists, but mizutaki is also definitely one of the best Fukuoka’s local dishes. I would like you to enjoy it once with “Hakata-nabe-bugyo” style.


“Saito-ya” takes place in Daimyo, four minutes walk from Akasaka station. Their concept of the restaurant, delicious dishes, atmosphere and kind waiters were perfect.

Why don’t you check it out? I won’t let you down.


Our Address:

2 Chome-11-7 Daimyo, Chuo, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture 810-0041


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