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Experience Milling Matcha!

This is an incredible opportunity to mill your own matcha and try the results!

Usually you just drink matcha, right?

Well, at this unique museum cum workshop, you can sample matcha that you have milled yourself!

Cha no Bunkakan (Tea Museum)

The Cha no Bunkakan (Tea Museum) is a facility in Hoshino Village (Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture) where visitors can learn more about the history and culture of tea.

You can find-out more about the Yame brand of green tea, which is known throughout the country, and also have all kinds of fun, tea-related experiences.

Try Grinding Matcha with a Stone Mill

This fantastic experience lets customers grind their own matcha using old-fashioned stone mills.

It takes about 20 minutes and only costs 500 yen.


Before getting started, you will hear a short talk about Yame and the tea that is produced in the area.

Yame is an area that not only experiences heavy rainfall, but also sees quite extreme differences in temperature between day and night. This kind of climate provides the perfect weather conditions for cultivating and harvesting tea.

Place the Tea Leaves in the Stone Mill

First place two grams of tea leaves in a hole at the top the stone mill.

Turn the Stone Mill (Start Grinding)

As you turn the stone mill, matcha will start to fall out from the small gap between the two stones.

This stone mill is pretty heavy, so it is quite hard to turn.

Information about how the Stone Mill works

A grinding device that features a pattern similar to the one in the photograph below can be found between the two stones. As the handle is turned, the tea leaves start to fall down, and rub between the stones. The intense friction that is caused then turns the leaves into powder.

Mortar Device used for Grinding

The mortar device that lies between the two stones is positioned to ensure that matcha powder gradually starts to fall through as the mill is turned.

The powder that is produced is incredibly fine, each particle is about the size of five microns. Sneezing is strictly forbidden!

Continue Grinding

After continuing to grind for 15 minutes you will nearly be finished!

Collect the Powder

It’s then time to collect the matcha powder, but be careful not drop anything.

The Filtering Process

You will then have to use this traditional looking filter, or strainer to get rid of any tea leaves that have not been completely milled.

The Completed Product

After all the powder has been filtered through the strainer, you will have completed the process and be left with the finished product!

Enjoy your own Matcha!

For an extra 200 yen, you can sample a cup of green tea that has been made from the matcha powder you milled earlier.

Milling matcha isn’t an experience that you can easily try in the city center.

There is something particularly special about trying matcha that you have made yourself.

Why not give it a go?

Opening hours: 10am – 5pm


Our Address:

10816-5 Hoshino-mura, Yame-shi, Fukuoka


33.2451564, 130.7603845





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