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A special feature on Kitakyushu, a place where the past and present meet! Volume 2!

Tanga Ichiba (Market)!

After visiting Kokura Castle, we went along to check-out Tanga Ichiba!

This charming market is famous for its fresh fish and nukamisodaki (fish pickled in salted rice-bran), which is pickled in Japanese miso.

The mackerel nukamisodaki that is sold inside the market has a strong miso taste and is a truly exquisite dish!


↓ Check-out the mackerel and sardine nukamisodaki.

It seems that it is common practice in this market to use miso in the preparation process to help mask the smell of certain fish, such as blueback sardines!

This photo really captures the atmosphere at Tanga Ichiba!

In recent years the number of commercial facilities that have been constructed in the suburbs and surrounding areas have meant that it has become harder to find vibrant, lively markets.

But that is certainly not the case with Tanga Ichiba!


Offering shoppers a great selection of fresh fish, and delicious nukamisodaki, Tanga Ichiba has a truly unique atmosphere. Walking through the arcade can really get a sense of the heart and personality of the market workers.

Make sure not to miss the torii gates just to the side of the market!


This nostalgia-inducing restaurant is a one the highlights of Tanga Ichiba! 

It is called Daigakudo! If you want get the most out of your trip to the market you have to check-it-out!

This is a restaurant is managed by students and run in cooperation with Kitakyushu City University! The menu mainly features set meals!

The way that they operate and organise things is really interesting!

You can by fresh fish from Tanga Ichiba, and then take it with you into Daigakudo and create your own donburi (a bowl of rice topped with various ingredients)!

During our visit we used some sashimi that we picked-up in the market to create our donburi!

It’s a fabulous idea and means that all the ingredients are wonderfully fresh!


In Daigakudo you can get a book of rice and miso soup for just 200 yen!


This is how the donburi looked after all the fresh sashimi had been arranged on top of the rice!

What do you reckon? It’s our latest creation! The Special Yoka By Doburi (lol)!

As you can imagine, the taste was delicious! What a scrumptious meal!

An interesting fact about this restaurant is that the part-time students who work inside do not get a fixed salary as such, but instead split the takings!

Their policy is “If you want money, go out and make it!” It’s quite a novel, unique approach. It must be such a meaningful experience for students to feel like they are truly earning their own money!

The interior looks a shop or restaurant from the Showa period! It’s super retro!

Atmosphere inside was Showa era itself, super retro atmosphere!

Daigakudo’s “My Donburi” system means that diners can really get their fill of fresh fish from the market!

The wage structure, which fosters a sense of financial independence amongst the students, is an aspect of the restaurant that we found really interesting.

This is such a unique and charming eatery, we ended up becoming big fans!


There are also other items on the menu, so there is no need to worry if the donburi doesn’t tickle your fancy.

The around Tanga Ichiba helps create

The retro atmosphere inside the restaurant feels even stronger given the Showa era vibe that pervades Tanga Ichiba.

But it is not just the nostalgic aura around the place that makes it special. There are so many great attractions for visitors to taken in and experience!


Tanga Table

Right beside the market is a guest house called Tanga Table!

A one night stay is available for as little as 2,800 yen.

You might be wondering what kind of quality you can get for just 2,800 yen. Well, we went to visit to find-out!

Visitors enter into a stylish, open-plan dining area, which helps create a chilled, easy going atmosphere.

Guests who have stayed the night can pick up their breakfast here for around 500 yen.

The wood used for the decor has a lovely natural fragrance. There are a few different options to choose from when it comes the accommodation choices, they have large style dormitories, as well as women-only rooms.

↑ The futon is made out of a memory foam-style material, ensuring that guests are sure to have a great night sleep!

They also have private rooms!

The cool designs on the walls are really modern and quirky.

Tanga Table also regularly host live events and parties for people looking to practice their English.

Click here to find-out more!

That concludes our special feature on Tanga Ichiba! We hope it will be a useful resource for your travels!

If you are looking to experience an atmosphere that is unique to Kitakyushu, then there is no better place to start than Tanga Ichiba!


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